Mentoring Program

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National dues are expensive for college journalists. At $37, we fear the organization here at Truman couldn’t thrive because students can’t foot the cost. The idea of cost deterring students from pursuing an organization that many of you alumni are involved in which would benefit them professionally really bothered us. So, we created a plan.

Alum can sign-up to be a “mentor” to a student. We’ll pair everyone up by the type of journalism they’re interested in or the career path of the mentor (print, broadcast, design, photography, radio, etc.). If you, the potential mentor, are looking for a particular mentoree, whether it be a certain person or someone with certain interests, let me know.

So what does it mean to be an mentor?

  • Since membership costs are rough, mentors would donate $15 toward their student’s cost. The student matches that $15, and then we, the TSU chapter, will cover the rest with money we’ve raised from fundraisers.
  • Mentors will be resources for students as they go through college, being someone they can get input about resumes, cover letters, internship and general advice from.
  • You and your mentoree would sign agreements so you know your $15 is going toward a committed student journalist, and they know they have a mentor who will really be there to answer their questions.

If this is something you’re interested in, let us know! You can always email the organization at, or me, Ashley Jost, at

Also, while we know a few alum, I’m sure there are way more that you all might know who we could try and contact. If you have suggestions, let us know so we can contact them too!

As a journalism student here at Truman State, I really couldn’t thank you all enough for your support with this program. I think this is a great step in students really owning their education by stepping out of their comfort zones, and giving them the chance to network, something that we all know is crucial in this field.